Plasma Pump


Strong and effective RTD for a big muscle-pump – and, the only “Pump” RTD on the market with NO STIMS. Stimulants constrict blood-flow and are counterproductive to the pump – and there is a growing customer base for effective, non-stim, products. Ingredient blend based with Glycerin and Citrulline Malate (CM) – with added Beta Alanine for between-set Muscle Recovery.

Plasma Pump is the only RTD to include BETAINE and BEET ROOT in the formula. Betaine is proven to enhance strength while Beet Root adds to the pump effect and uses a different pathway than CM for delivery (no Agmatine in formula since it competes with CM for delivery pathway). Mood enhancers in dosage high enough to feel really good about whatever you’re doing at the time.