Muscle Meds Nitrotest Pre-Workout 474g


NITROTEST is an EXTREME ANDROGENIC PRE-WORKOUT AMPLIFIER specially formulated for advanced male athletes looking to push their bodies to their maximum potential, NITROTEST contains potent efficacious doses of powerful ingredients designed to optimize testosterone, nitric oxide, energy and euphoria for the ultimate workout. 500 mg Fenugreek, 200 mg Boron Citrate – Clinically tested ingredients shown to boost testosterone and free testosterone in just one week after use. 3 g Citrulline combined with 3g Arginine plus 100mg Pinebark Extract – Citrulline is among the most effective booster of nitric oxide for extreme muscle pumps. However, research shows that when combined with arginine in a 1:1 ratio it increases plasma l-arginine levels even more effectively. It also contains Pinebark, a natural anti-oxidant shown to activate nitric oxide synthase to increase nitric oxide, blood flow and workout performance. 350 mg Caffeine, 350 mg DMAE bitartrate, 100mg Mucuna pruriens and ~80mg Yohimbe bark extract