Purus Labs Ketofeed 1.3lb


20g of high quality whey protein, filtered to remove all sugar, and to make sure that the protein didn't mess with the athletes’ fat-loss goals, combines the protein with THE crucial component of the keto diet, FAT! MCT(medium chain triglyceride) fat, to be exact. The same type of fat that makes coconuts so healthy for you. This same MCT fat slows down the absorption of the protein and prevents it from spiking insulin levels.

KetoFeed® helps the body to maintain muscle with clean protein, burn fat for fuel and gather energy from MCTs. It’s an important tool for anyone participating in the ketogenic diet (or lifestyle) to have in his or her arsenal. Arguably the most important part? KetoFeed® tastes delicious and satiates carb-y dessert cravings!